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Learning Through Songs Video Course

Learning Through Songs Video Course


Three of my favorite tunes in one groovy video! Learning Through Songs includes an in depth look at “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl,” and “All My Loving” by The Beatles. This beginner friendly course gives you access to unreleased song tutorials and + pdfs.

Each video includes:

  • Full play through of each song in real time

  • Strumming pattern breakdown with close-ups

  • Chord breakdown with close-ups and diagrams

  • Song section breakdown

  • Slow tempo play-a-longs

  • Real time play-a-longs

PDF worksheets include:

  • Strumming breakdown

  • Chord chart

  • Song lyrics

  • Chords properly overlaid above lyrics

  • Tips/Tricks to mastering chords and techniques within the song

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